Professional Logo Designs

You Have One Chance To Make A First Impression

Logo design is integral to your business; it is a visual representation of your brand, your identity, and your credibility. It’s so important to get this right, so it is well worth getting a logo design expert to help. At Dilkara Designs we specialise in helping small and start-up companies who don’t have a blockbuster budget.

We’ll design a custom logo based on your business profile and design preferences. We can create logos using your ideas as a basis or come up with our own unique concepts.

Our Process

Step 1. Logo Brief
We ask important questions that will provide us information about your business and your target market.

Step 2. Research
We will research your competitors and what has been done and what hasn’t been done.

Step 3. Sketching & Conceptualizing
We will visually brainstorm different logo concepts, explore design approaches, and work out the different directions and framework that will be developed into your logo.

Step 4. Refinement
We will choose the strongest working concepts and create digital proofs, that communicate the design clearly to you. 

Step 5. Review
We will present you with your logo designs in a PDF document so that you can review your designs and reply to us with your opinions.

Step 6. Final Development & Delivery
Once approved, we will create scalable, print-ready, vector files for you. We will also develop a style guide which includes font usage, colour palettes and logo guidelines.

Need A Logo Design For Your Business?